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Known Issues

The following are known bugs and issues with the current version of the CMS. Future releases may resolve these issues.

Component Issue Workaround
Link Checker Error - LinkedIn LinkChecker will return a "Bad URL Format" error for each LinkedIn link Please disregard these errors for now.
Google Chrome and Touchscreen Monitors Chrome is displaying poor functionality in the editing environment on touchscreens. While in Edit page, the scroll bar will not let you view/edit the bottom of the page or will disappear all together. If you experience this please use Firefox or Safari (Internet Explorer also works).
Mediaflo Permalinks are not working correctly when using video content types When using Embed Video, Video Slider, or the Video Card in Mosaic or Collage layout, Mediaflo permalinks are not loading. You can paste embed code for your Mediaflo videos into a RAW HTML paragraph content type in Gato to continue displaying your video content.