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Request Forms

Use the New Site Request form to request a new Gato site be created. Gato websites are only available for colleges, academic departments, centers, institutes, chartered student organizations, and non-academic services and administrative departments.

Please view the Gato Workshop page to view available workshop offerings. If you are unable to attend a workshop or require assistance with a specific site, an appointment may be requested.

Sandbox sites are copies of existing websites which allow editors to make large changes without replacing existing content. Sandboxes are intended for full redesigns of existing Gato sites.

Have an idea for a new feature or how to improve Gato? Let us know!

Here you can submit requests for information about site administrators, as well as request changes in editors, managers, or ownership. This is limited to Gato websites.

If your team is looking to update the URL for an existing website, or have one approved for an upcoming website - you'll need to submit a URL Request Form.