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Styles and Accessibility

The Block Styles drop-down in Gato allows you to adjust page header levels using the Title, Subtitle, and Subsubtitle selections. Gato now utilizes Auto-Adjusting Headers to minimize accessibility errors. 

Headers are much more than a big bold title, they provide a solid page structure and communicate the organization of the content on the page. Web browsers, plug-ins, and assistive technologies can use headers to provide in-page navigation.

Headers may be adjusted in the Rich Editor, using the styles drop-down (which defaults to the word, Paragraph).

In the styles drop-down, the selections correspond to the following header levels:

Header 2: Title

Header 3: Subtitle

Header 4: Subsubtitle

The title, subtitle, & subsubtitle should not be used to format text, these should only be used to specify header structure on a page.

With a current update, any chosen header level will automatically adjust in accordance with Gato's Auto-Adjusting Headers

The screenshot shows the different selections available to specify a header using the Rich Editor content type.