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Text and Image

The Text and Image content type allows you to enter any explanatory text or instructions on the form page.

  1. Click Add Content
  2. Click Text and Image
  3. Click Choose

Add Text (optional)

  1. Enter an optional title for the webpage.
  2. Enter the text you wish to display in the textbox.  The Text and Image content type provides editors with a basic text editor.

Add an Image (optional)

  1. Click on the Image tab to insert an image.
  2. Click Select New to select a previously uploaded image, or click Upload to browse your computer and upload a new image.
  3. You may enter a maximum width for the image if you like.
  4. Enter alt text into the Alt. Text field.  Remember alt text should be a brief description of the image.
  5. Choose your alignment options for the image.
  6. Add an image caption which will display underneath the image if you'd like.
  7. Enter an optional website address, either to an internal page within your site by clicking Internal Link or to an external link by entering the website URL, to make the image clickable and direct users to the address you added.
  8. Click Save Changes
The text and image form content type
The text and image content type in Gato with the alt text field highlighted