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Text Field

Text Field Content type allows users to type text into a designated area. This content type is used if you need to know the submitter's name, email address, phone number, etc.

Add Text Field

  1. Click Add Form Content
  2. Click Text Field
  3. Click Choose
  4. Enter a title in the Title textbox.
  5. If you would like to make the form element mandatory, check the Field is mandatory box.
  6. You may optionally choose a data type from the Data Type drop-down menu. By selecting a data type the user is mandated to enter text that matches the data type selected. 
  7. Chose size of the text input field you wish to use.
  8. Choose the Field Type the text field will be. The available options are:
    • Normal Field: there is no special significance to the text entered
    • This field is the form submitter's name: Use this option for the field where the user enters their name.  This will aid in submission email organization.
    • This field is the form submitter's email address: Use this option to the field where the user enters their email address.

This is useful if those users who receive the email submission need to contact the submitter (they can simply click reply in their email client) as well as if you chose to send a copy of the form to the submitter.  This is how Gato knows the whom the copy of the submission should go.

  1. Click Save Changes

Gato Form Data Types

None Any text is allowed.
Date Provides the user with a calendar button to chose a date or set a date range that the input must fall between.
Net ID Valid Texas State NetID (ex: abc123).
Student ID Valid TXST Student ID number (A0...).
Alphanumeric Prevents special characters from being entered. No spaces.
E-Mail Address Verifies that the text entered contains an @ symbol, a dot, and ending.
Texas State Email Address Verifies that the text entered contains
Integer Accepts numeric input with no decimal points.
Decimal Accepts numeric input with decimal points allowed.
Zip Code (5 Digit) Accepts five numeric digits.
Phone Number Accepts a ten digit phone number, formatted in any fashion with area-code.
Regular Expression For advanced use only. Use at your own risk.


Text Input Types

Single Line Text Input A single line of text is allowed.
Small Text Area An area that allows a few sentences is allowed.
Large Text Area An area that allows as much text as the user wishes to add.