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Form Data Tool

Users who should receive submission emails can be added to the form by editing the Form Properties section. An editor may also wish to view all form submissions at one time, and may do so using the Form Data Tool. Each form created within your website will have an accompanying Form Data Tool associated with it.

Access the Form Data Tool

To access the Form Data tool, click on the link in the Form Properties box that says, "You can also download data from this form using the form data tool."

The form data tool in gato is in the form properties bar.

Inside the Form Data Tool

Inside the Form Data Tool, the columns are each of the fields you defined in the form, while the rows are individual submissions.

You can view individual submissions or download them all as an Excel (XLS) file. This XLS file can be opened by spreadsheet programs like Excel and Open Office Calc.

The URL provided by the form data tool link is only valid for 10 minutes and cannot be bookmarked. You will need to click on the link again directly from the form page to access it in the future. Anyone with access to view the form page on Gato edit can click on the link to view submission information.

View More Submissions

If you have many submissions, there will be Prev Page and Next Page links to view more results. This ensures that the data loads quickly, no matter how many submissions you receive.

View Only New Submissions

To see only the newest submissions from when you last checked, enter the confirmation number of the last submission you received into the field labeled Oldest confirmation number to include. If the last submission you received had a confirmation number of 03-150-031, enter that number into the field and click Go. Now only submissions since then will be displayed.