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Mosaic Section Type

With the Mosaic section type, you are able to display a set of cards and add filters to the set. This allows people to filter through different types of content.

It is recommended to plan what content you would like to filter before you start building your Mosaic section. You will first need to know your defined filters.

Add / Setup Mosaic Section Type

  1. Select Add Section and choose Mosaic Layout
  2. (optional) Add a Title, and select for it to be aligned left or centered
  3. Select your desired column size. You may choose small, medium, or large-sized cards.
  • Small: Up to four columns
  • Medium: Up to three columns
  • Large: Up to two columns
  1. Select your desired Image cropping settings using the Image Cropping drop-down.
A screenshot of a Mosaic section type with four different audience filters.
By default, it will be set to no cropping and your cards will be different sizes. It is suggested to choose one of the automatic cropping options, unless you plan on cropping all of your images yourself and having similar lengths of captions.
  1. Check Add a background color to the whole section, if you wish to add a background color.