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Gato Templates

Gato editors can choose from four templates; TXST Standard, TXST Form, TXST Redirect and TXST Filterable Search. Learn more about each template below.

TXST Standard Template

New pages default to the standard template. This template allows you to create and manage content on pages such as text, images, document links, and more.

With this template, you may add a variety of section and content types to shape and share content on your websites. This Gato support site primarily uses this template, including this page.

TXST Form Template

The form template allows users to create email forms on their pages. Forms can be used for a variety of purposes and allows you to:

    • enter text into text fields
    • mark text fields as either the form submitter's name or email address
    • create list of items using radio buttons, check boxes and drop-down selection menus.
    • create conditional questions
    • mark a form as confidential
    • submit files using the file field
    • send form results to predefined email addresses
    • download a full list of submissions using the form data tool
sample form page

Learn more about how to create forms on our form tutorials page.

TXST Page Redirect

The site redirect template immediately sends users to the page you specify. When users click on this page in your site they will automatically be directed to the page you want them to see instead.

TXST Filterable Search

The filterable search template allows site editors to create search pages, containing a list of manually entered list items as well as filter groups.

This template can be useful if you have a large number of resources, which would otherwise be difficult to navigate. Aside from filter groups, users are also able to add keywords associated with each list item.

Be sure to create the filters before adding list items.

filterable search template