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We're excited to share some of the enhancements made to the Gato content management system. These updates have been designed with your needs in mind and are based off editor feedback and feature requests. Our goal is to provide a more efficient website editing experience.


Search for Pages

Page Search: Having trouble remembering where you put that page? It happens to the best of us. Now there's a new search bar in the top right of the Pages screen where you can search for pages, no matter how deep in your site they might be hidden.

Keep in mind that this isn't a content search. What you're looking for has to be in the page's name or title.

Versions Update

Page Versions 2.0: We saw that lots of folks have been seriously editing their webpages - which is great but it was making the versions list too long to manage. Now page edits are grouped up by day to make it easier to look through. You can still see the whole list if you expand a day.

We'll keep refining the editing environment each release, so if you run into something that you think could work better, go ahead and tell us about it!

Performance Improvements

Improved Performance: The Gato editing environment is already pretty fast, but our developers are always looking to make improvements. They used profiling tools to identify the parts of the code that have the biggest impact on the speed of the editing experience and found ways to rework the code to remove inefficiencies. The improvements will be felt all over the system.

Want to read more details about this release? Visit our Release Notes page for the longer version.

Questions about Gato

  • Anyone that used assets from their Calico-sandbox asset folder and their main asset folder will see both asset folders combined into a single asset folder now. 

    It's intentional as we're changing the architecture of a ‘site’. Going forward, every live site will have one asset folder assigned to it. It's part of our first step in helping editors understand where all their assets being used in a site are from.

  • We’ve removed a lot of unused clutter from the asset detail screen (and some broken functionality). We also needed that real estate for future features that are in the works. 

  • The rich text editor we use in Gato has been updated from CKEditor 4 to 5, which has a few changes - including links. Linking has been consolidated to one icon. To add links in these content types:

    1. Highlight the text that you want to turn into a link. This will be the clickable element that users will interact with.
    2. Click the Link Icon: Look for the link icon in the toolbar. It resembles a chain link symbol. Click on this icon to open the link insertion dialog box.
    3. Enter URL: In the link insertion dialog box, you will see a field where you can enter the URL (web address) you want the link to point to. Type or paste the URL into this field. 
    4. Linking to a Gato page or an asset: Instead of entering a URL, select Browse. Then choose either the Pages or Assets tab to select the correct item for your link.
    5. Confirm: Select the green check mark after adding the link to save.

Release Notes: A History

Read the full release notes for our most current update and all the historical ones too!

Seeing an Issue?

Use this page to see if an issue affecting you has already been reported.