Site Review Checklist

Important Note

Site editors must use this checklist to ensure that their site meets the requirements noted below before submitting a review request. If a site does not meet some, or many, of the checklist items below, the site may be returned to the editors for corrections before the review process begins.

Editor Checklist

  • The site owner, managers, editors, and other stakeholders have reviewed the entire site.
  • All test, model, and archived pages not meant to be publicly displayed are not present in the site.
  • There are no blank or partially developed pages.
  • The entire site is published.

Technical Checklist

  • All links in the site work.
  • If developing a sandbox, no links can point to the live site.
  • There are no broken or misdirected links in the navigation or on internal pages.
  • All pages on the site are accessible from the primary navigation menu.
  • Any page intended to be hidden, such as confirmation pages, are left out of the navigation structure.
  • Any custom HTML, CSS and/or Javascript in the site works correctly.
    • It's understood that site management is responsible for regular updates and troubleshooting required by this custom work.

Design Checklist

  • All pages on the site were newly developed in Calico, not blind-flipped from the Standard template.
    • If pages were blind-flipped from the Standard template, your site might be returned to you before beginning a review.
  • All pages on the site use the Calico template (the Calico Feature template can only be used on the landing page).
  • All page names/URLs on the site are entirely lowercase and use hyphens to separate words (e.g., example-second-level-page).
  • All pages on the site have proper page titles.
  • No formatting issues are present on the site due to copying and pasting text from another source, such as Microsoft Word or an external website.

Accessibility Checklist

You can learn more about digital accessibility on the Accessibility Guides website.

  • All documents on the site are accessible.
    • Use accessibility tools in Microsoft and Adobe to check that documents are accessible.
  • All audio content on the site has transcriptions.
  • All video content on the site has captions.
  • All images have alt text.
  • URLs use friendly link text and are not fully spelled out. See examples:

Security Checklist

  • The site does not contain Gato forms collecting confidential information.
    • FERPA-protected information is confidential.
  • Confidential information is collected through a secure medium as described on ITAC's File and Data Sending and Receiving page.
  • Only include site contacts with TXST emails. Do not include any external emails, such as Google, displayed as a form of contact.
  • Zoom links present on the site must have appropriate security protections in place.
  • All software (free or purchased) used on the site has been reviewed through the Security Assessment form.