Site Launch Process

Important Note

Site managers and editors are responsible for reviewing all steps outlined on this page.

Websites must undergo a thorough multi-department review process before they can go live. Because of this, site launch requests cannot be expedited.

4. Cursory Review

Your website will be checked that it meets the provided requirements.

5. Initial Corrections

If your site does not meet the provided requirements, your team will be asked to make corrections.

6. First Review

The site undergoes a review for accessibility, design, security, and overall technical functionality.

7. Resolve Errors

You will be provide a list of required, recommended, or highly recommended changes for your team to make.

8. Follow-up Review(s)

Your site will be reviewed from step 7. If unresolved errors are found, your team will be returned to step 7.

9. Authorization & Launch

Your site will be launched after all corrections are made and the site is formally authorized by reviewers.